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Nes - RetroN 1 Av Gaming Console Grey Brand New

Nes - RetroN 1 Av Gaming Console Grey Brand New

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Product Details:

- Brand New Factory Sealed

- Comes with cables and 1 controller

- USB Wall Outlet Sold Separately

Additional Notes: 

This is a cheap solution to quickly get back into playing your favorite nes games. There is a small list of nes games that will not read on this console. 

List of Non-Playable Games:

  1. Bandit Kings of Ancient China
  2. Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse
  3. Cheetahmen II
  4. Challenge of the Dragon
  5. Crystal Mines
  6. Gauntlet
  7. Gemfire
  8. Jordan vs Bird: One on One
  9. Laser Invasion
  10. La Empereur
  11. Mad Max
  12. Nobunaga’s Ambition II
  13. Paperboy
  14. Pipe Dream
  15. Rad Racer II
  16. Romance of the Three Kingdoms II
  17. The Krion Conquest
  18. Uncharted Waters
  19. WWF King of the Ring
  20. WWF WrestleMania Challenge


Item will be shipped within 2 business with tracking number. 

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