Understanding Items Condition and What's Included

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What's Included

Brand New or New

This item is brand new, never used.
Please look at the item’s pictures or description for more details. The description
can state the item has small tears in the seal, item is open box or item does
not come with original packaging.


This item is complete. Please note that complete on this website simply means the item includes the game, original manual and original artwork or box. Please do not assume any other inserts are included unless they are seen in the photos.

W/ Case

This item will only come with the game and original case or box. No other items are included. This means the item may be missing any inserts or manuals that original came with it, or the item never included inserts.

Disc Only or Cart Only

This is for the game only. Nothing else is included.

DLC (Downloadable Content)

If the item is pre-owned, please assume no DLC is included. The paper may be included but since the item is not new, please assume all DLC is used or expired.

For brand new items any DLC will still be included. If the item is an older game, there is a slight chance it has expired and/or cannot be redeemed.

Item ID

All Numbers Except #111

The great thing about shopping with us you get to see what you are buying
before you are buying. Most of our competitors will sell you an item blindly
and you won't know the condition before it arrives. With us we show detailed
pictures of the item, so you know exactly what you are getting. This includes
all number product except items number with #111.

All Items Numbered #111

In order for us to continue to offer great prices, some items will have a
generic listing. These products are all numbered with "#111". Just
like any major relator, you do not see the actual item you are getting. The
item pictured is an example of the item you will receive. Typically, all
cheaper products or new products will be listed this way. If the item is
pre-owned, it is still tested and functional. Pre-owned items, will be in similar
condition as the item pictured. So don’t worry about receiving any beat-up items

Item Condition

Blu-Ray Discs

All of our Blu-ray discs have little to no scratches. We are really picky when it comes with blu-rays and if they have a handful of scratches they do not pass inspection. If you buy any blu-ray games from us expect an overall nice condition disc unless otherwise noted. All Blu-rays we would rate at a 8/10 or better.

This Includes games for:




Xbox Series X

Xbox One

Wii U

Regular Discs

We understand no one wants a scratched-up
game. We invested over $8,000 to get one of the top-of-the-line disc repair
machines. With this machine we can ensure you receive the game you purchased in
the best possible shape, unless otherwise noted. We would rate all complete or
in cased discs to be 8/10 or better. Disc only games we would rate 7/10 or
better. Please read the ps1 and Sega disc section for more details on those
specific discs. Regular discs may have a circular scratch near the very center
of the disc (the no data part, where the disc is held in the case).

This includes games for:

Xbox 360






Sega Saturn

Sega Dreamcast

Sega CD

Ps1 and Sega Discs

Although we resurface games and most look new. Some ps1 games (and even some blue colored ps2 games) may have a slight hazing. This doesn't affect gameplay but under certain light or certain angles some very faint circular scratches can be seen.

Sega Disc games we can resurface to look almost new but if the paint has scratches on the logo side of the disc, it will shine through imitating scratches. We marked those as "disc scratched" or something similar to that. They are marked down. This does not affect gameplay.

Cart Based Games

All cart based games you can see the condition in the photos unless they are number #111. We clean the pins of all our games before testing them. Please note that no matter how much cleaning is done there may still be residue that can be picked up with more cleaning.

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