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Last Edited 9/29/22

Console Value Estimates


Cash / Credit

Switch Lite Starts At: $80 / $96

New 3ds Starts At: $160 / $192

New 3ds Xl Starts At: $145 / $174

3ds Xl Starts At: $100 / $120

3ds Starts At: $60 / $72

2ds Xl Starts At: $130 / $156

2ds Starts At: $60 / $72

Dsi Starts At: $25 / $30

Ds Lite Starts At: $25 / $30

GBM Starts At: $100 / $120

GBA SP Starts At: $50 / $60

GBA SP AGS 101 Starts At: $80 / $96

GBA Starts At: $40 / $48

GBC Starts At: $40 / $48

GBP Starts At: $25 / $30

Gameboy Starts At: $25 / $30

Ps Vita Starts At: $90 / $108

Psp Starts At: $40 / $48

Game Gear Starts At: $30 / $36

Turbo Express Starts At: $330 / $396

NeoGeo Pocket Starts At: $90 / $108


Cash / Credit

Switch Starts At: $120 / $134

Wii U $90 / $108

Wii Starts At: $25 / $30

Gamecube Starts At: $55 / $66

N64: $45 / $54

N64 Funtastics Starts At: $110 / $134

Virtual Boy: $200 / $240

Snes Starts At: $55 / $66

Nes Top Loader: $100 / $120


Cash / Credit

Ps5 Disc: $380 / $456

Ps5 Digital: $300 / $360

Ps4 Pro Starts At: $170 / $204

Ps4 Slim Starts At: $140 / $168

Ps4 Starts At: $120 / $144

Ps3 Starts At: $50 / $60

Ps2 Starts At: $50 / $60

Ps1 Starts At: 25 / $30


Cash / Credit

Xbox Series X Starts At: $350 / $420

Xbox Series S Starts At: $110 / $132

Xbox One X Starts At: $140/ $168

Xbox One S Starts At: $100 / $120

Xbox One Starts At: $50 / $60

Xbox 360 S/E Starts At: $45 / $54

Xbox 360 Starts At: $25 / $30

Xbox Starts At: $25 / $30


Cash / Credit

Dreamcast Starts At: $60 / $72

Saturn Starts At: $100 / $120

32x Starts At: $100 / $120

Genesis Starts At: $35 / $42

Master System Starts At: $80 / $96

Other Consoles

Cash / Credit

Atari Jaguar Starts At: $260 / $312

TurboGrafx 16 Starts At: $120 / $144

Turbo Express Starts At: $330 / $396

NeoGeo Pocket Starts At: $90 / $108

Anything else please inquire.

More Info

The trade in estimates above are estimates and can change at any time. The values shown are for base models with all OEM components necessary for its operation (for example, a 3ds with its charger or an Xbox one with 1 controller and cables). We can purchase items missing components at a lower price. Please inquire for games, accessories or other items not on the list. Special edition consoles can receive a huge bonus and items with original packaging can also receive a bonus. Please inquire for values.

Item must be a great condition to get full value (we aren't too picky but the more damage, imperfections or discoloration, the more will be deducted). We may be interested in some non-working products, but the value is significantly different. It is recommended to send a few photos via email or through Instagram (@VandalsGames) to get an accurate quote.


At this time the customer is responsible for shipping. We can provide a shipping label and deduct it from the total trade. For instance, you want to trade a GBA Sp with charger for $50 cash or a $60 gift card. We can provide a shipping label for $4.15 (price may vary). After the trade in is complete you can choose from $45.85 cash or $55.85 gift card. Or if you choose you can cover the cost yourself to get full value, but we do get shipping discounts.


Payments are made after the items are received and evaluated. Current wait times are 1-2 days.

Once the items are received and evaluated, we will contact you with any changes. This can include an item defect, condition not being acceptable, items missing or another price adjusting issue or increase. We always recommend sending pictures via email or Instagram to ensure there are no changes upon arrival. If there are no changes, we will confirm and inquire on how you would like to be paid.

Payment options:

Gift Card: Instantly gain a 20% bonus over cash. This is a gift card that can be used here for any of our products. These gift cards do not expire and can be used at any time, even with coupons. We add new items every day and you can check out our Instagram (@VandalsGames) to see when new inventory hits the site.

Cash Options: We can send payment through any of the following methods.

PayPal Friends & Family

Venmo Friends & Family

Cash App

Apple Pay

Amazon Gift Card (not eligible for the 20% bonus)


Ready To Sell?

Once you have read everything above, please fill out the contact form below with a list of items you would like to sell. You may also DM us on Instagram (@VandalsGames) to get a quote. If messaging us on Instagram a few photos are fine. no list needed.

If you don't want to bother with a list or sending pictured. You can just ship in your package, and we can quote on arrival. If you are unsure if the items are functional, no worries just state that and we will test the items when we get them in and include a working / non-working quote.


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